Offical Dress Code Language at VHS

With the weather becoming warmer and the school year coming to an end I want to reiterate the dress code here at VHS. It will be enforced at all times and students should read and review the policies before determining what to wear.

Students of Vermilion High School are expected to dress and groom themselves in good taste. The school administration reserves the right to determine what constitutes acceptable and appropriate clothing and accessories. If any student has any doubt that a specific article of clothing or accessory does not meet the standard set forth in this dress code, do not wear it. Any extreme modes of dress or grooming that may be distracting or not in good taste, including body/facial piercings will be considered a violation of this policy. The following are in violation of this code:

•    Shoes and sandals that do not conform to meet health and safety regulations (i.e. – flip-flops).

•    Shirts without sleeves (baring arms and/ or shoulders), bare midriffs or backs.

•    Pants are to be worn at a student’s true waist

•    Sleepwear, pajama pants, boxers or slippers.

•    Exposed undergarments (bras, underpants, camisoles)

•    Dark glasses

•    Torn clothing including those purchased that way.

•    Chains, chained wallets, spikes, wrist bands worn on arms, necks or elsewhere.

•    Any item of clothing with unacceptable words or illustrations or which bear symbols or words relating to drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.

•    All headwear is prohibited during the school day including headbands, bandanas and hoods.

•    Shorts and skirts must be long enough to reach the end of a student’s fingertips when the arm and hand are extended to their full length at their side. Spandex, yoga pants & leggings worn alone are not allowed.

•    Outdoor apparel (coats, jackets, hoods, hats and gloves) may not be worn in the building during instructional hours. These items are to be placed in the student’s locker upon entering the building. In the event that a classroom is cool, please come prepared with a sweater or other layers of clothing to keep warm.

•    Any item of apparel that disrupts the educational process is subject to review by the administration.
Students will be asked to make changes in their appearance or dress to conform to the above guidelines. This may require the student to be sent home. If the student’s situation precludes changing; the student will be placed in ISR for the remainder of the day. If abuses continue, further disciplinary action may result.

If you have any questions, please contact myself or Ms. Riddle.


About Mr. Major

Assistant Principal within Vermilion Local Schools. Creating leaders and life long learners - one student at a time.

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