Vermilion graded average in Lorain County on new state rating system.

State gives Lorain Schools a ‘D’; Under new grading scale, not one district in Lorain County earned an ‘A’ –

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Under the proposed changes in how the state grades school districts, not one district in Lorain County would receive a top mark from the state.

Under the new A to F grading scale, the highest grade a Lorain County school would receive is a B, according to the Ohio department of Education.

The department released simulated grades based on the school districts 2011 performance rating, which offered the rating of academic emergency to excellent with distinction.

Under this new grading system, only 2.5% (22 districts) of schools received an A and no schools in Lorain County earned this mark.

Vermilion, with our reinvention plan, is striving for change and to improve our value added skills. We believe that bringing the 8th grade to the high school will help us and our district in educating students in the most effective way possible. As we continue our reinvention plan – success, achievement, and performance will increase – thus our value added scores will rise.As educators, we look forward and welcome the challenge to perform at a higher standard and getting our students ready for transition from high school to their adult life.

If you are interested in seeing how other schools measure up, visit the following link:


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