VHS March Teacher of the Month

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MRS. CHRISTINE REYNOLDS (center front row)

Mrs. Reynolds is a role model for leadership and community involvement at Vermilion High School.  She is the advisor for the Peer Leadership Class, organizes recycling of paper throughout the building each week, is responsible for a Big Brother/Big Sister Mentoring program with Vermilion Elementary School, is Assistant Senior Class advisor and works on many other fundraising activities for the school.

Mrs. Reynolds came to VHS in 2006.  She teaches honors social studies, peer leadership and psychology classes.  Most recently she has been organizing the presentation of Rachel’s Challenge, a bullying prevention program.  The community is invited to attend this program on Wednesday, March 28, 2012 at 8:00 AM or 7:00 PM.


1.        Why did you choose teaching as a profession?

There are many reasons why I decided to become a teacher, but most importantly to impact students lives on many levels. Although teaching students in an interactive and meaningful way is important, education is much more than that. It is getting to the heart and soul of the student and helping them grow as an individual and see their potential.

 2.         Why or how did you choose to come to Vermilion?

I was completing a long term substitute position at Shaker Heights High School and attended a job fair where I met the VHS  principal. I was fortunate to interview and was offered the job at Vermilion. I was also offered a position at Shaker Heights, but declined it to come to Vermilion. I felt that this was a better fit for me.

3.         What do you like most about the Vermilion Local School District?

I love that Vermilion is very close knit. I love being in a building where I know a majority of the students and they know me. My high school was not like that – I graduated in a class of 325. There were students I did not even know, so it was impossible for the teachers to know everyone. I think that makes school more personal.

4.         Give some examples of things you believe are important in teaching.

I believe it is important to know and care about your students. When you take a genuine interest in them, they appreciate your classroom that much more. I also believe in creating a safe, cooperative environment for the students. Many of the classes I teach cover controversial topics or topics where there are many differing opinions. It is important for students to feel that they can open up and share their thoughts and ideas without begin ridiculed. I also believe in a type of chaotic structure – what we are doing is always posted on the board, but there is always the freedom to explore a topic more in-depth.

5.         What do you think is the most important thing you offer Vermilion students?

Dedication and attitude. Students know that I am willing to put 110% into what I am doing, whether it is a lesson, project, or helping them with something. My caring and easy going attitude allows my students to feel that my classroom is a positive, encouraging environment.

6.         Describe some important influences in your life.

My family. We are very close and each person has influenced me in a special way. My parents have taught me to always be strong and fight for the things I believe in. I fortunately have my dad’s head strong attitude and my mom’s perseverance which allows me to tackle anything and succeed, or at least recognize what has to be done to be successful. My husband, Mike, has always given me a positive outlook on things and has taught me to always look for the best in people, even when its hard to. He is always in my corner and I feel like we work together to accomplish so much. He is a juvenile probation officer, so he shares my passion for helping kids. My son, Nathan who is only three, has taught me to enjoy every day and every moment. He makes me appreciate what I have and reminds me how fortunate and blessed I truly am.


About Mr. Major

Assistant Principal within Vermilion Local Schools. Creating leaders and life long learners - one student at a time.

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